Vox Humana is an Oslo based chamber choir with young voices and high ambitions. Our profile is choral art in its widest sense, and we are continuously working towards higher musical standards. As a result, we like to explore very different musical genres. The choir stages its own concert projects and is choir-for-hire in various types of events such as anniversaries, weddings, kick-offs and other events. At the same time, we want the choir to be a great social experience for all team members, and we thoroughly enjoy each others' company. We go on tour every summer, often to European countries, where we like to collaborate with other choirs.

We rehearse Wednesdays 6:30-9:00 pm at the campus of Oslo Metropolitan University. We also have one weekend rehearsal each semester. In addition to making great music, we take pride in being a social group with fun and friendship, whether during rehearsals, at the pub, at parties or on tour. Vox Humana is a member of the Norwegian Choir Association.

Vox Humana primarily recruits at the start of each semester, but also recruits continuously as needed. If you are interested, please contact us at post@voxhumana.no. We are looking for a balanced singer profile. Admission is based on an audition and a conversation. Candidates should score highly on a combination of these elements:

  • voice quality, good aural skills and being able to read music well

  • ability to adjust to others and receive instructions

  • motivation, longterm perspective on membership, and a commitment to take part in the choir’s musical and social activities

If you are a foreign exchange student in Oslo, and not planning to stay here long, please reach out! We have previously accepted members for a shorter period of time, as long as they meet the other criteria for admission.